Coming soon!

Hey friends!

I wanted to share that the Eye Speak It podcast is collaborating with some great talent to promote our brand.  We are working on a couple of projects that will be hitting your favorite social media outlets (Facebook, IG, YouTube) very soon; get ready for the exciting collaborations!  Working with local talent can do wonders for everybody when the vision is understood!  We are currently wrapping up project one and project two will begin in September!

When these projects hit the air, make sure you show your full support by liking, commenting, and sharing to spread the word! 

Get ready and get excited!

Blogs, what blogs?

Hey Y’all!

Check here for new blog posts. I’ll be writing about everything. You name it, I’ll more than likely have a blog post about it! I’ll be writing about everyday life - the good, bad, & ugly!

Have something in particular you want me to write about? Looking for some advice? Want my opinion on something? Want me to feature you on a post or do you want to co-host an episode with me? Shoot me a message on my contact page and let’s collaborate!

-Kerri, your "Rush Hour" shotgun