Diversity & Inclusion - Empowerment Block Party


I had the pleasure of attending the Empowerment Block Party hosted by Community Empowerment Group of South Carolina (CEGofSC). They had a panel and, boy oh boy, that panel was very inspirational. The speakers were Dr. Dawn Campbell, Winsome Sinclair, Dr. David Staten, and Jeffrey Lampkin.


Each one of these speakers provided great advice and really honed in on why it is so important to implement diversity and inclusion. Here are some takeaways from the speakers.

Dr. David Staten, a professor at South Carolina State University, emphasized why diversity should be celebrated across the board due to our vast differences and how they can be used to complement each other. We should always strive to work together instead of against each other.

Dr. Dawn Campbell, a professor at the University of South Carolina, highlighted how diversity and inclusion is not only taught in her Women’s Studies courses, but also in her home. She noted how her daughter wanted to be on social media and showcase her talent with makeup to the world. Dr. Campbell was not going for it due to the internet’s reputation and wanting to shield her daughter from that environment. Dr. Campbell spoke on how social media plays an integral role in today’s society. After her daughter wrote her a 2-page paper, which was very well written, explaining why she should be on social media at the age of 10 doing makeup, she let her guard down. Dr. Campbell was able to be inspired by the creativity, love, and the online community that uplifted her daughter and provided an inclusive environment for her to be able to showcase her talents.

Jeffrey Lampkin, served as the Keynote Speaker, gave us 4 points as to how diversity starts with us:

1. Get in Order

2. Stop Allowing People to Make You a Local Solution

3. Be Honest with Who You Are

4. Be Who You Are

**Diversity is more than a black and white issue**

Winsome Sinclair, a casting director, spoke on how diversity and inclusion isn’t celebrated enough. Being in the entertainment industry, Mrs. Sinclair was able to speak to us about how we have evolved, but that there is still more work to be done. DIVERSITY = what you have - INCLUSION = what you do! Her quote to live by: “It takes a village to make dreams come true and a tribe is necessary. Manifesting dreams is something that people should take seriously.”

You can’t have DIVERSITY without INCLUSION and you can’t have INCLUSION without DIVERSITY.

Visit CEG’s website for more pictures from the event: www.cegofsc.org

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