She Can, She Will - Walk In Your Purpose

Happy Women’s Month!!!

That’s right, in case you didn’t know March is Women’s Month! We started the month off by hosting our very first All Women’s Empowerment Conference: She Can, She Will! The conference SOLD OUT!! This conference was a collaboration between The Eye Speak IT Podcast hosted by Kerri White & The Eye Told You Movement founded by Rhonda Adams. The purpose of this women’s conference was to provide that push, that fire, and that inspiration to let you know that no matter what doubts you have and the discouraging words you’ve faced, to PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) through. Not everyone is going to be for you and you're not going to be for everyone.

Our keynote speaker was none other than Joy Mclaughlin-Harris and she brought the house down! Below you will find the key takeaways from the conference if you missed it or a refresher if you were able to secure a ticket. The women that were in the room were from all walks of life. There were so many networking opportunities and women who were ready to genuinely support each other. That is what it was all about. We don’t need to compete and we can all WIN!! Check out the pictures from the conference to the right.

Key Takeaways:

  • She, CAN (Courageous & Never Giving Up)

  • She, WILL (Walk In Life Lessons)

  • Take time to pause; there is POWER in the pause

  • Change your thoughts, you change your world

  • 4 Ways to Get in Position:

    1. Mindset Shift

    2. Write It

    3. Speak It

    4. Execute It

  • Step away from your GOOD and walk into your GREAT

  • Have FAITH

  • Do not under any circumstance DISCOUNT YOURSELF, know your worth

TEEN EDITION is coming this summer as well!! Our youth is where the difference starts and it’s never too late!!! Get ready teen girls!

Kerri "Rush Hour Shotgun"

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